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Wall Frames & Roof Trusses
brands_truecoreBlueScope LYSAGHT TRUECORE® building system
elec & plumbManufactured from high strength, long life ZINCALUME® TRUECORE® steel
Fully designed and tested to Australian standards
Will not warp, twist, shrink or rot - no inherent weaknesses such as knots or cracks
No shrinkage, popping nails or rippled walls, ceiling or roofs
Termite and insect resistant
Fire resistant - non combustible
Straight and true - exact tolerances aid fitting of internal linings and cupboards
No roof sag - engineered pre-cambering ensures no more wavy roof lines
Easy frame erection - lightweight and accurate frames are safe to handle
Easy brick and tile fixing - clips snap onto trusses/studs in one easy action
Easier electrical cabling and plumbing with pre-punched holes in studs and plates
The BlueScope Steel system uses TRUECORE®  steel. The prefabricated frames and trusses are supplied with a full set of working drawings and construction manual. Each wall panel and truss is labelled so to make erection quickly and simple as possible.
Warranty -     A 50 year material warranty is available, provided the frames are fixed to BlueScope Steel specifications.
Warnings  -   Advice should be sought for houses constructed in marine environments.
Floor Systems   boxspanlogo                  
ground3.jpgBoxspan is a roll formed beam manufactured from two “C” shaped sections of high tensile, zinc coated steel, mechanically locked together with a patented process. The result - a 40-60% lighter beam with the strength of steel and the versatility of timber. This unique system provides the benefits of a full protective zinc coating on the inside and outside of the beam.
Ezi-Pier makes it very easy for raised ground floors:
The adjustable pier heads provide the installer with enough tolerance (100mm) to obtain an extremely level floor
Windows     logo_stegbar_home
Powder-coated aluminium sliding windows and sliding glass doors.  All  are keyed-alike with flyscreens.
Any style of window can be supplied in a large variety of colours or Western Red Cedar.
Cbond samples.jpgRoofing, Fascia, Gutters   
and Downpipes         
RedRoofGutterDefault.jpg LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB®  corrugated profile, COLORBOND® steel has an oven-baked paint finish proven over time to resist peeling and flaking, even in the harshest Australians conditions.
Only COLORBOND® steel has a substrate of ZINCALUME® steel. With its protective zinc/aluminium alloy coating, ZINCALUME® steel delivers a life expectancy more than double that of ordinary galvanised steel
Fascia components 
Fascia & Gutter 
Choosing gutters, downpipes and fascia made from   COLORBOND® steel is the only way to ensure a perfect colour match with a roof made from COLORBOND® steel.
BlueScope Steel - LYSAGHT NOVALINE® Fascia System has been designed for ease of use.  A spring clip snaps on to the LYSAGHT NOVALINE® Fascia and makes fixing of the LYSAGHT HI-FRONT QUAD gutters quick and easy.
External Wall Claddings
C'orb clad 
is also equally at home as a wall cladding
with traditional or contemporary designs.
It is long, wide, strong and lightweight.
It can be aligned quickly and easily
FIBRE CEMENT EXTERNAL CLADDING RANGE - will not burn, is resistant to permanent water and termite damage, resistant to rot and warping.  Products below are priced in kits as per inclusions list but any other form of wall cladding can  be supplied.
rusticated_L smooth_L  Newport_L  Summit_L

Hardiplank® Rusticated Lap recess for shadow definition, Weathered rough sawn timber look

Hardiplank® Smooth

Primeline® Newport   Milled smooth finish Recessed edge for   shadow definition.  Uses HardiLockSystem

Primeline® Summit Milled profile.  Matt smooth.Uses HardiLock™ Fixing Fixing System

austral_logo  Bricks from any of the following range have been priced as per individual inclusions lists:-
South Pacific, Australiana, Whitsunday, Heritage, Vogue, Impressions, Old Colonial and Classics.
to better view these products visit the Austral  website -
Bricks other than those listed can be supplied.
Doors   logo corinthian 
Entrance doors                                                    
  CAP.jpg  HA5.jpg  HA40.jpg  HAG9.jpg  HAG12.jpg  HAG14.jpg  PAC.jpg
Internal doors
  XV1.jpg  XV4.jpg  XV10.jpg  XV14.jpg  XV18.jpg
prehung door 
    Internal Pre-hung takes the hard work out of door installation.
    This unique system combines the door, jamb, hinges, latches
    and striker plate in one package,  pre-machined and ready to install
qsd-lgeSmartRobe Door System.
Sliding wardrobe door system featuring aluminium top and bottom tracks and two smooth running nylon wheels fitted into steel casings in the bottom of each door,
Mirrored Quickslide shown are not standard inclusions
Door Furniture


Trilock Traditional Series for Entrance Door

Available in either knob or lever versions, the Trilock Traditional combines timeless styling, advanced engineering principles and world class tarnish resistant, durable, decorative finishes. Featuring the unique 3 in 1 Trilock technology of lockset, deadbolt and passage functions all combined into one set, the Trilock Traditional series offers the option of elegant perimeter design lines on the escutcheon plates and handles, adding class and appeal to the exterior doors of today’s homes

890 TLE BG Trilock Leverset890 TLE DB Trilock Leverset890 TLE BL Trilock Leverset890 TRI BC Trilock890 TRI CN Trilock890 TRI SC Trilock
           890 TLE BG         890 TLE DB          890 TLE BL         890 TRI BC          890 TRI CN            890 TRI SC

840 GOV Governor Entrance Set840 GOV Governor Entrance SetStronghold Series Locksets for all other external doors
Stronghold series locksets offer a range of attractive and functional designs, adding style and security to exterior doors.
Combination keylock and deadbolt sets are also available keyed alike

Classic%20Whitehall%20BCClassic%20platinum%20henley%20BCClassic%20Antique%20Whitehall%20BGClassic%20almond%20ivory%20BCClassic Porcelain Series for internal doors

Gainsborough's elegant porcelain door knobs are manufactured in Australia and are double fired using the finest clay blends and glazes. They are produced in white and delicate pastels, with an additional range of decorative perimeter patterns and tasteful florals.
kit Home lever door handle G4.PNGkit Home lever door handle G 4.PNGModern Leversets
The contractor 100 Series styles for today’s modern home
Choose from passage sets, dummy knobs, wardrobe and cupboard knobs.
porcelain_privacyA '309' privacy adaptor can be combined with a passage set to provide privacy locking for bedroom or bathroom doors. The privacy adaptor features inside locking snib and emergency release from outside. The panic release function enables the set to be unlocked by simply turning inside knob.